Online Resources for Teachers

General Resources

Census in Schools
Includes census data and reference materials for use in classrooms.

Coloring Books from the Evergreen State College Library
This is a listing of coloring books published by Federal government agencies..a great way for kids to learn about the world around them through color.

Coverdell World Wise Schools Lesson Plan
The World Wise Schools program offers engaging stories, free classroom resources, and ideas for service projects based on the experience of Peace Corps Volunteers around the world.

Daily Lesson Plans from the New York Times
The Learning Network has developed lesson plan units that use recent New York Times articles as springboards for examining important curricular topics in interesting and exciting ways. These lesson plans can be used in the classroom, or be shared with teachers in other content areas. Lessons Plans Library
Hundreds of lesson plans of various subjects for various grades of students.

Education Resources
This site, from Education Index, Links to free classroom activities and resources for K-12 teachers, teacher resources, free workbook pages for grades K-8, downloadable activities and lessons from Learning Resources, and books and games for all ages.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
ERIC provides free access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text. ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

Educator's Reference Desk
Links to 3,000 resources on a variety of educational issues, lesson plans, a question archive and the ERIC database.

Education World
An online resource for educators to find the lesson plans and research materials and a platform for educators to gather and share ideas.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
FREE makes it easy to find learning resources from more than 35 federal organizations.  Resources include teaching ideas, learning activities, photos, maps, primary documents, data, paintings, sound recordings, etc., on various topics.

The Gateway to Educational Materials on the Web
Lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources from federal, state, university, non-profit and commercial Internet sites; sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

Library of Congress: Resources for Teachers
More than 10 million primary sources online for teachers. 

Marco Polo: Internet Content for the Classroom
The MarcoPolo program provides no-cost, standards-based lesson plans, student activities and reviewed websites for kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) teachers and students.

NCES Students' Classroom
"The purpose of the National Center for Education Statistics' Student's Classroom is to provide information to help students learn about schools; decide on a college; find a public library; engage in several games, quizzes and skill building about math, probability, graphing, and mathematicians; and to help build these skills by writing for CRUNCH and perusing our glossary. Of course, all of these things have been designed to be fun too ... so jump in!"

PBS TeacherSource
Lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in classroom.  Subjects include arts & literature, health & fitness, math, science and social studies.

Smithsonian Education
It is the gateway to educational resources provided by Smithsonian Institution for educators, families and students.

American Studies and History

InfoUSA is a resource for people around the world who seek information about United States history, culture, economy, educational systems, political processes and more.

Library of Congress Learning Page for Teachers
A “front door” to more than 100 American Memory collections in the Library of Congress.  It provides teachers’ point of view over 7 million historical documents, photographs, maps, films and sound recordings.  It also includes lesson plans, features and activities for use in your classroom.

Teaching with Historic Places
Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects. The lesson plan for the Freeman School focuses on the one-room schools that once dotted the landscape of the American West. At the time the school closed it had the honor of being the oldest, continuously used one-room school in the state of Nebraska.

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration for Educators and Students
The National Archives' gateway for resources about primary sources, activities and training for educators and students.

Art and Humanities

EDSITEment: The Best of the Humanities on the Web
The Best of the Humanities on the Web from the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities, and the MCI Foundation. This educational partnership brings online humanities resources from some of the world's great museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and universities directly to your classroom.

NGA Classroom for Teachers and Student
National Gallery of Art website for teachers and students where art and curriculum are connected.


All That Jazz PDF icon
An article from English Teaching Forum, published online by State Department, Office of English Language Programs, takes you a jazz journey.

Artsedge at the Kennedy Center - Music Lessons
The site provides teachers with ideas and resources to integrate arts with teaching.

The Blues Classroom
The Blues Classroom provides teaching strategies and resources for teachers to integrate blues music, culture and history into classrooms.  The educational materials include lesson plans, audio-visual clips and teacher’s guide.

Great Performances: Educational Resources
Lesson plans on musical theater, classical music, regional performance, opera on film, dance and cinema for teachers.  It also includes biographies of composers.

The Red Hot Blues PDF icon
An article from English Teaching Forum, published online by State Department, Office of English Language Programs, provides an introduction to blues.

Science and Technology

Glenn Learning Technologies Project Teacher's Corner
Teacher’s Corner helps teachers learn how to bring technology into the classroom. Existing teacher-created web pages, workshops, standards, and web creation guides are among the resources that can help teachers teach.

Department of Energy - For Educators
Educational resources on energy for educators.

NASA Educational Program for Educators and Students
The NASA Office of Education website offers educators NASA-related educational resources and information.

NASA’s Imagine the Universe! Teacher’s Corner
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center provides lesson plans, multidisciplinary classroom activities and other educational materials for teachers.

The USGS and Science Education
The U.S. Geological Survey provides scientific information intended to help educate the public about natural resources, natural hazards, geospatial data, and issues that affect our quality of life. Discover selected online resources, including lessons, data, maps, and more, to support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research.

Physical Education

History of Sport, Recreation, and Leisure (From Magazine of History. vol. 7, no.1, Summer 1992)
A lesson about history of sport.

PE Central: The Web site for health and physical educators
This is a site for health and physical education teachers, parents, and students. Its goal is to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth

The School Athletics Center
The site provides educational resources on sports for educators.


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