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The two electronic journals, "Language and Civil Society" and "Language and Life Sciences," offer teachers of English as a foreign language background reading, classroom-ready activities, and related resources and references.

1). Language and Civil Society

This electronic journal is comprised of different volumes, each of which contains content rich material for language instruction. The content in each volume is related to an aspect of building or maintaining a Civil Society, topics that affect students' personal or professional lives on a daily basis. It is hoped that in using this content and working through the suggested activities, instructors and students will work toward a greater awareness and understanding of a global civil society as the students improve their communicative competence in English. The authors of the different volumes approach each chapter with a state-of-the-art perspective regarding language instruction, assuming certain universal understandings.

2). Language and Life Science: Advances in Biotechnology volume

The Advances in Biotechnology volume has been created to provide language teachers with resources about breakthroughs in biotechnology. The volume does not require teachers and their students to have extensive prior knowledge or expertise in this field. Instead, the materials give teachers and their students just enough background in the topic to understand the implications this scientific field has for their lives and society's future. They also serve as a springboard for meaningful discussion about issues that confront all of us as this technology evolves.

The chapters provide teachers with resources they can exploit to create content-based lessons related to biotechnology. Each chapter of the volume highlights one aspect of research in the field of DNA and genetics along with its applications to and implications for society.

The chapters feature relevant background information on each topic, interactive and communicative classroom activities, and a list of related print and Internet resources that will allow teachers to expand the lesson further.

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